Assisting and moving

An elderly woman walking with a zimmer frame with a carers arm around her back

If part of your role in adult social care is to assist and move somebody training should be provided. It should be done before you do any assisting and moving activities to protect you and the person you’re caring for.

Assisting and moving training should include practical parts and not be limited to workbooks and/or e-learning.

Effective assisting and moving training can help you support people who need care and support to:

  • get in or out of bed, turn over in bed or sit up in bed
  • bathe, shower, use the toilet
  • sit in a chair
  • stand, walk, get up from the floor after a fall
  • get in and out of a vehicle.

Your training should also include how to assist and move with other care workers, as some tasks and supporting aids require more than one person to use.  We have resources to support you. 

Although we don’t deliver training, you can search our Endorsed Provider directory for assisting and moving courses delivered by recommended training providers. 

Our Recommendations for CQC Providers Guide has a section around induction related training, including further information about assisting and moving. The section includes;

  • what should be covered by the training,
  • who should deliver the training,
  • how competence should be signed off,
  • recommended resources,
  • which formal qualifications could be considered.

The guide can help you consider what needs to be covered with care workers to effectively induct them.

Assisting and moving training forms part of the Care Certificate, the national standards which make new members of staff ready to practice.

We have materials to support you with the Care Certificate

We want to help you choose the right learning and the right provider for you.

Learning and development should focus on the practical skills workers need to do their job but also keeping the values they need to put them in practice.

A key part of selecting the right learning package for your organisation is finding the right learning provider.

Find our endorsed providers

Our Endorsement Framework finds and badges learning providers who we see as the best. They provide high quality learning and development to the social care sector.

You can search for our endorsed providers in our online directory.

Funding towards the cost of qualifications may be available from our Workforce Development Fund.