Care Act videos

Short videos have been produced of people from different organisations talking about how they think the Care Act will influence them, their organisations and the people they work with.

Since publication of these videos a revised edition of the Care Act was published on 10 March 2016 superseding the version issued in October 2014. It takes account of regulatory changes, feedback from stakeholders and the care sector, and developments following the postponement of social care funding reforms to 2020.

How should I use them?

These videos can be used alongside the other materials to inspire thinking, discussion and understanding. Some are topic specific as said in the title and some are more general.

We have provided the videos in three formats. To view the videos online, click the 'Vimeo' link by the side of each video. Captions can be turned on or off by clicking 'CC' on the video player and selecting 'English CC'.

Videos can also be downloaded from our site with or without captions. To download users should right click the link and choose 'Save target as'/'save link as' to download the files.

  • What is the Care Act?