Core skills

Core skills are vital to help social care workers deliver high quality and safe care.

Core skills in adult social care covers english, number, digital and employability skills, including team work and problem solving skills. 

It is an employer’s responsibility to ensure their staff have the right core skills. Developing core skills in the workplace guide will help managers assess and develop the core skills of their workers. 

Core skills in social care

Core skills ensure social care workers can complete everyday tasks such as communicating with the individuals they support, counting medication, using a computer and writing a care plan. 

What are core skills in social care? explains what core skills are needed by social care workers. 

Learning activities to develop English, number, digital and employability skills

We've developed learning activities to check social care workers have the right core skills to work safely and meet quality standards. They're aimed at front line care staff and can be used in recruitment, induction, supervision and ongoing learning and development. There are also links to resources to help workers develop their core skills. 

Read Using the core skills learning activities to find out how you can use them in your workplace. 

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Activities for learners 


Guidance for supervisor or manager to assess English skills

Develop English skills: resources to help 

Other useful resources 

Qualifications and training

  • Find learning providers that we have endorsed and deliver training in English skills on our online directory

Activities for learners

Guidance for supervisor or manager to assess number skills

Develop number skills: resources to help


Qualifications and training

  • Find endorsed learning providers that deliver training in number skills on our online directory

Activities for learners

Guidance for supervisor or manager to assess digital skills

Develop digital skills: resources to help

Other useful resources 

Develop employability skills: learning activities

We've developed a set of additional learning activities to help you assess and develop core skills further:  

Developing employability skills: resources to help

It’s important you and the learner reflect on the core skills activities to check what they’ve learnt and identify any further development needed.

After a learner has completed an activity ask them to complete the

You, the employer, should complete the

Or if you’re a learning or training provider delivering training, complete the