Developing feedback from people who need care and support

Care worker and service user wearing a hat

Building relationships with people who need care and support

We’ve produced information and examples to help you gather feedback from people who need care and support.

This feedback is an important part of the Assessed and Supported Year in Employment (ASYE) in adult services and should be used as part of your internal moderation process.

Your NQSWs will need to evidence feedback from people who need care and support during the ASYE. This will be recorded in their critical reflection log.  

NQSWs should use this feedback to develop their practice and it can help them to build relationships with the people they are supporting.

The tools below will help you to gather feedback.

  1. Information for people who need care and support - This should be completed by the person you are supporting. It explains why they are being asked to provide feedback and includes a consent form.
  2. Relating feedback to the PCF at ASYE level – This resource will help you to check that the feedback being gathered is relevant to the Professional Capabilities Framework.
  3. Core questions – These prompts can be used by the NQSW or the assessor if they are struggling to phrase their questions.
  4. Using GEM questions - This tool explains how your NQSW could use the GEMS questioning technique to gather and reflect on feedback.
  5. Head, Heart, Tummy, Toes – This can be used to gather feedback from children following a direct observation.
  6. Obtaining feedback after direct observations of practice – This can be used by the assessor to gather feedback from people who need care and support following a direct observation of your NQSW. 

These examples show how feedback can used as part of the ASYE.

Simon (NQSW)

Simon didn’t recognise the value of feedback from people who need care and support until he undertook his ASYE.

Since completing the ASYE he has worked with his team to re-enforce the importance of collecting feedback.

Information for the ASYE assessor
Simon’s ASYE was assessed by Varsha. At the beginning Varsha used a traditional method of gathering feedback.

As the year progressed she learnt the importance of linking feedback to the critically reflective process. 

Joanne (NQSW)  

Joanne’s relationship with the person she is supporting has been observed and recorded as informal feedback by the assessor.

Anya (NQSW)

Anya uses a feedback plan at the start of the ASYE to help her gather feedback from the people she is supporting.

She demonstrates a holistic approach to gathering feedback and shows how it can be used in the reflective summary.