Internal assessment, confirmation and moderation

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Helping you to review the quality and consistency of your assessment process

Having an internal moderation process will help you to confirm the correct assessment decision is made for each NQSW at the end of the Assessed and Supported Year in Employment (ASYE) in adult services. 

We have developed a template and summary report to help you to capture the information you will need to develop a strong internal assessment process.

Your internal assessment process will be checked by an external moderation panel to make sure it meets the requirements of the Knowledge and Skills Statement for Social Workers in Adult Services and the Professional Capabilities Framework.

This applies to all social work employers regardless of size, sector and number of NQSWs and you will need to be a member of an ASYE partnership. 

The internal moderation process involves moderation and confirmation of the final assessment decision.


This is an internal process which will review the quality and consistency of each assessment decision at the end of the ASYE.

You’ll be provided with feedback following the moderation process. This may include recommendations to help you to develop a higher standard of assessment.

Confirmation of the assessment decision

This will only be made once it has been moderated.  

The final ASYE assessment outcome should be a collective decision.

If there are any capability issues surrounding the assessment decision of the assessor, you will need to take action to ensure the final decision is consistent with the national standards. 

Internal moderation template

This template has two parts which will help you to demonstrate a clear process for internal moderation.

Part one is a quality checklist which can be completed by any member of your moderation process. It confirms that all the requirements of ASYE have been met by your NQSW and they have provided sufficient evidence.

Part two can be used to check the assessor’s decision and must be completed by a registered social worker.

There is guidance to help you complete this template.

Internal moderation summary report

This report will help you to summarise the outcomes of the moderation process and will include recommendations for future assessments.

The completed report can be shared with the national moderation panel as part of the external moderation process.

The internal moderation template includes some standards to help you establish a benchmark for internal moderation.

The standards focus on:

  • the internal moderation process 
  • management and delivery of the ASYE assessment process
  • management of the internal moderation process 
  • reviewing and scrutinising the ASYE assessment decisions
  • recording and reporting
  • capability issues.