ASYE pathway to NAAS

This pilot programme has been designed to provide continued support to ASYE completers to achieve accreditation, under the National Assessment and Accreditation System (NAAS), as a Child and Family Practitioner (CFP).

As a voluntary pathway, it is for the social worker to decide, in discussion with their ASYE lead, if they want to volunteer. We can support ASYE leads in providing the social worker with information, including social worker case stories, about the assessment to help inform their decision and support them on this journey.


In response to the challenging circumstances of coronavirus (COVID-19), and feedback from ASYE leads across the country, the Department for Education has made the decision to re-open registrations for the ASYE pathway to NAAS. 

The registration portal for the ASYE pathway to NAAS is now open until 30 September 2020, and can be accessed by logging into the Skills for Care portal.

Please note, the National Assessment and Accreditation System remains paused until Spring 2021.

Social workers who:

  • registered on the ASYE pathway to NAAS before 1 June 2020 will be able to take the NAAS assessment when centres resume
  • register after 1 June 2020, they will be able to take the NAAS assessment after April 2021, this is to account for assessment centre capacity.

If you have any further questions, please contact:

If you'd like to read about someone who has already completed the NAAS as part of their ASYE, this fantastic blog by Christina, who is a social worker, is a great example of how she worked with her employer to continue her learning and development journey.  

Read Christina's blog

The NAAS is a voluntary programme, designed to raise the professional status of child and family social workers, providing a clear career path as well as ensuring they have the knowledge and skills they need to practice effectively.

The programme forms part of the government’s reforms to children’s social work to improve the outcomes for children and families.

It was introduced as a benchmark of effective practice against the Post-Qualifying Standards (PQS), formally known as the knowledge and skills statements (KSS), which provides the foundation for a specialist career pathway for child and family social workers.

For further information and guidance on the NAAS, visit GOV.UK 

The ASYE pathway to NAAS is open to any child and family social worker that has completed the ASYE programme in cohorts 6 (2017-18) or 7 (2018-19), and that is not employed by an ASYE employer, local authority or trust already participating in NAAS*.

A review of the pilot programme will inform any future availability of the pathway to cohorts 8 (2019-20) and beyond.

If you’re a social worker interested in the pathway, please speak with your ASYE lead.

For ASYE registered employers wanting further information on applying for the ASYE pathway to NAAS, log into the Skills for Care portal.

*Please note, for social workers already part of a local authority or trust involved with NAAS, you can still take part in the NAAS and should speak to your local NAAS lead about how.

To check if your organisation is involved with NAAS, visit GOV.UK

The Department for Education provides ASYE employers with funding for training and development, for each candidate they support through the ASYE pathway to NAAS.

Funding will be paid in two installments, each paid upon completion of the following milestone:

  • milestone 1: the social worker is registered for the pathway on the Skills for Care portal
  • milestone 2: the social worker has taken the assessment and the date is recorded on the Skills for Care portal.

As this is a pilot programme, candidates will be required to complete the pathway and take the NAAS assessment before 31 May 2021 in order to receive the milestone 2 funding.

Please note this funding is in addition to the £2,000 the Department for Education provides to employers for each newly qualified social worker they support through ASYE. For further information and guidance on this funding, visit GOV.UK.