What is informatics?

Two ladies smiling using a computer

Helping you collect, analyse and share information 

We use the term informatics when we talk about the process of collecting, analysing and sharing data.

Why is this important in social care?

Because you need information in order to make good decisions for your business and for your customers. You can read more about why this is particularly important in social care on this page.  

The adult social care sector also needs to prepare itself to be 'paper free at the point of care'.  This is something that was set out in the NHS Five Year Forward View.  It states that “all patient and care records will be digital, inter-operable and real-time by 2020” which means that we are facing a huge challenge. 

Therefore, improving your digital and information skills is becoming very important. Some employers are already well on their way to doing this.  You can read about these on the next page under 'best practice'.

I don’t work in informatics. Or do I?

One of our challenges is to identify how many people perform this type of job.  Sometimes staff in social care don’t realise they work in this area. You can say you work in informatics if you:

  • provide information or guidance to citizens, families or the public
  • collect figures/statistics and analyse data
  • provide reports based on analysis of data or information
  • support the completion of National Minimum Data Set for Social Care (NMDS-SC)
  • provide information to managers or colleagues based on some form of analysis.

If you do work in this field, then we want to hear from you.  You can read more here.

If you’re a registered manager or care home owner you might like to use information to future proof your business.  You can read more about how you might do this here

If you’re a data analyst, project manager, programme manager or business information expert then you’ll be interested in which professional bodies you can join and the career options available to you. You can read about these here

To explain how this relates to the world of social care and why it's important to think about how we use information to make decisions, we've produced a short film. 

Our leaflet explains how informatics relates to social care and why it's important. It also explains clearly how it impacts on everyone involved in delivering care whether you're a local authority, someone who needs care and support or a social care employer.  

You can order a copy of the leaflet by emailing us.