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“My advice about data? Any information is better than no information - start off with something simple and dip your toe in the water.” 

Angie Roskilly, Registered Manager, Courtlands Care Home, tells us about their experiences of using data in their business. They opened an NMDS-SC account 10 years ago and have been using the system to help solve workforce issues. Read more.

“The NMDS-SC can sometimes seem like an onerous task but when you embed it into existing systems, the benefits of having such quick and easy access to a wealth of data about your own organisation and the sector as a whole, are far reaching.” Judith Webb, Safeguarding and Dignity Manager, Local Solutions Community Care Service, Liverpool. 

"My main priority is that we have a stable workforce who are trained sufficiently to carry out the role they need to do. We are a very small company so the key thing for us is to make sure our account is accurate, up to date and of high quality, so that we can access valuable funding".  Judith Beaumont, former Training Manager at Choices Homecare, tells us about her experiences with NMDS-SC and how it’s helped her. 

"By accessing the NMDS-SC I'm able to focus my time on driving forward our priorities not collecting and analysing data." Toni Jeary, Business Lead for Market Development at Norfolk County Council tells us about how they use their NMDS-SC data here. Read more

Luke Marsh, Business Intelligence at Surrey County Council explains "Within Surrey County Council Adult Social Care, a lot of work has taken place to analyse the workforce to ensure capacity is understood and effectively utilised. Senior members of the leadership team have used the analysis available from NMDS-SC at a localised level to see if there were any areas in which the number of staff was disproportionate to the increase in overall demand". Read more.

"NMDS-SC helps us understand the size and structure of the local workforce and provides data for an evidence-based approach. We find it an integral tool for effective workforce planning." Christine Futter, Chief Operating Officer, Norfolk and Suffolk Care Support LimitedRead more.

If you’d like to register on NMDS-SC we recommend you spend some time collecting all the information together first. Use our employer checklist to help with this. When you’re ready visit www.nmds-sc-online.org.uk

Once your account has been approved, watch our eguide.

The help and guidance section of the website is full of useful checklists, guidance documents and webinars to help you make the most out of your account.

Larger employers might want to look at importing data using our BUDI (Bulk Uploading Data Items) tool which uses CSV files.

Hear from Brian Walsh, Executive Director, People at Coventry City Council, Anita Astle, Managing Director of Wren Nursing Home, Andrea Sutcliffe, Chief Inspector of Adult Social Care, Care Quality Commission and Ian Turner, Chairman of Registered Nursing Home Association.

If you've already opened an NMDS-SC account and are interested in becoming sharing your story about how you use the system and the data within your organisation, please get in touch