Norfolk County Council

How we use the NMDS-SC

Toni Jeary, Business Lead for Market Development in Norfolk County Council Adult Social Care explains how they're using their NMDS-SC data to drive forward their priorities.

In July 2015 having moved from being a commissioner in Children’s services to my current post, I was presented with a number of challenges, including the need to:

  • update the Norfolk County Council’s Market Position Statement for 2016/17, taking into account care provider feedback that the section on the workforce needed strengthening.
  • work with colleagues in Suffolk to create a concise health and social care sector skills plan, which we could present to the Local Enterprise Partnership (LEP) Skills Board.

Fortunately, I was signposted to the NMDS-SC where I could find a wealth of data about the workforce in an accessible format that could be easily extracted.  It provided me with a reliable picture of workforce issues that I could use to inform planning and development.

The benefits of this data source for me are that:

  • it comes directly from social care providers
  • there is sufficient data to ensure that it has reliability and validity
  • comparisons can be made between local, national and regional datasets
  • it’s possible to focus on different sectors within social care.

I was therefore able to produce and publish a Market Position Statement that accurately reports the workforce situation for health and social care in Norfolk.  The statement contains details of our knowledgeable and proactive approach to dealing with the issues we face, and contains information on the actions that are being undertaken.

By accessing the NMDS-SC I am able to focus my time on driving forward our priorities, and not on collecting and analysing data.  By using the NMDS-SC to support the creation of our LEP Plan, we were able to identify Norfolk and Suffolk’s shared workforce challenges, agree three priority areas to target and create a focussed evidence-based plan.

Because of our robust evidence-based plan, we secured funding to appoint a project officer to deliver the plan and drive forward Norfolk & Suffolk’s workforce priorities. The plan has now been approved by the New Anglia LEP.

These two examples of how they use NMDS-SC can be found on Norfolk County Council’s website


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