Surrey County Council

How we use the NMDS-SC

Luke Marsh, Business Intelligence Analyst at Surrey County Council, explains how they use NMDS-SC data to address workforce issues and secure funding.

"There is a large adult social care workforce across the Surrey County Council area and the NMDS-SC has proved a valuable tool and data source for analysing staff roles, responsibilities and overall numbers. It's also been the basis for workforce gap analyses performed in Surrey and across the South East region.

Surrey has:

  • Used the data analysis in the system to look at staffing and impact on case management and performance, along with a comparison between authorities.
  • Used NMDS-SC to compare Surrey with other local authorities on the size and make-up of the adult social care workforce, including social workers.
  • Within adult social care, a lot of work has taken place to analyse the workforce to ensure capacity is understood and effectively utilised. Senior members of the leadership team have used NMDS-SC analysis at a localised level to see if there were any areas in which the number of staff was disproportionate to the increase in overall demand.

Data that is contained within the NMDS-SC has provided us with opportunities to work with partners to address staffing and workforce issues.

Because of the level of detail contained within the NMDS-SC, we anticipate that the use of NMDS-SC will continue to increase in the coming year, and we will urge all of our adult social care providers to complete the NMDS-SC". 


Access NMDS-SC resources and support for local authorities here.