Getting the most out of NMDS-SC

Two ladies smiling at a computer Like anything, the NMDS-SC is only as good as what you put into it.

Tips for account holders

Once you’ve set up your NMDS-SC account, you might want to know more about how to make the most of it or what to think about next. As a care home owner or manager, do you know if:

  • you pay more or less than your competitors?
  • you lose more staff than other local care providers?
  • your staff are better qualified than your competitors?
  • your workforce is as diverse as others?

You can find the answers to these questions using data from your NMDS-SC account through dashboards. More information is available below. The more information you enter, the more you’ll get out of it. 

Make sure you’ve consented to share information with CQC in your account so you’re really taking advantage of the benefits. 

Dashboards have been designed to sort and present your account information back to you in an easy-to-read way. You might want to watch our video about the dashboards to get you started.  They are known as ‘my dashboards’ when account holders sign in and use them. 

Finding your way around the dashboards

Getting the most out of your account is a guide to help account holders make sense of all the information in the dashboards. It helps you find your way around the screen and you can work through the most popular information used.

To export your information into excel you can simply use the export button in each dashboard.

Is essential for organisations who provide high quality care and support. The NMDS-SC helps employers identify workforce issues and provides information to help you plan better.  

A good workforce plan will help an organisation to have the right people with the right knowledge, skills, values and experience in place to meet the changing needs of the business.  You can read about our workforce planning guide here

Once your account is all set up, it's worth checking to see if you've got any of the following in your workforce:


Record any apprentices in the ‘employment status’ section of your apprentices’ records. There are two options available: 

  • apprentice (directly employed by respondent)
  • apprentice (not directly employed by respondent)

We use this information to report nationally and locally about how many apprentices are employed in our sector. 

Registered social workers  

We currently capture and publish data about registered social workers who are employed by local authorities (adult services).

But in order to give a full picture, it’s important that employers in the independant sector who have an account record any registered social workers they employ. This includes those who don’t have “social worker”in their job title, but have a social work qualification. 

Lyn Romeo, Chief Social Worker for Adult Services tells us: “I'd find this information invaluable to inform and influence decisions around investment in social work and the value social workers are bringing to settings outside of local authorities." 

So, if you employ someone who is registered as a social worker, please make sure this is captured.  Go to my account.

Staff completing the Care Certificate

You can record which of your workers have achieved the Care Certificate. This also forms part of this year's Workforce Development Fund (WDF) eligibility criteria.  

For larger employers, the bulk upload tool has also been updated to include this additional information.

Get in touch

If you’re unsure of how to do any of this, contact our support team by calling 0845 873 0129 or direct 0113 241 0969 or emailing

In 2012 an evaluation of the NMDS-SC looked at the impact on employers who register and use the dataset. It found that for every £1 they invest in the NMDS-SC, they are seeing up to £8.90 return on investment. Read more about the benefits and savings for employers.

Our friendly support team is here to help you from the hours of 9am-5pm Monday to Friday. We encourage you to contact them with any queries you may have.  

Our support is free and you can also book tutorials at a time which is convenient to you.  Watch our animation which tells you all about the free support available.

Contact the NMDS-SC support service by calling 0845 873 0129 or direct 0113 241 0969 or emailing

If you've already opened an NMDS-SC account and are interested in becoming a case study to share your story with others, please download our case study questions.

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