Raw data

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The NMDS-SC holds information on around half of the adult social care sector, including data from over 20,000 care locations and on over 700,000 individual workers.This coverage varies by care service, job role and geographical area.

We use this information to create representative estimates of the whole social care workforce and all of our publications are based on estimates of the whole workforce.

For more information about coverage and methodology for creating workforce estimates, please see our data.

Please contact us to discuss your project and we can discuss the data options available for your project.

We recommend that you use our workforce estimates to ensure your analysis is representative of the whole sector.


What is raw data?

Raw data files, available in CSV or SPSS, contain provision and worker level information allowing you to perform your own analysis of NMDS-SC information.

Files are completely anonymised to protect the anonymity of establishments and workers. It is not possible to directly identify any individual establishments or workers. There are no names, CQC or National Insurance numbers held in these files.

The main purpose of publishing raw NMDS-SC information is to promote transparency in the collected data.


NMDS-SC raw analysis files in CSV or SPSS

If you wish to do your own analysis of NMDS-SC then you can request anonymised raw NMDS-SC data files (they are available in CSV or SPSS formats).  You'll need to sign a data sharing agreement, 

The data files can be requested by emailing us.

There are two files:

  1. At ‘provision’ level, displaying each care-providing location as a separate row
  2. At a worker level, with each worker record as a separate row. Some establishment attributes are included in the worker file to enable analysis across the two files.

The files are a snap shot of the NMDS-SC dataset as at the last day of the preceding month.


Open data and being transparent

The Open Data analysis files contain aggregate level, anonymised information on establishments held in the NMDS-SC system. This is stored as a .csv file. Anonymised information relating to workers is also provided at establishment level. As this file is publicly available, additional filtering has been applied to protect the anonymity of establishment and worker data.

A full NMDS-SC dataset can only be obtained via a data sharing agreement, see above.

The availability of NMDS-SC data demonstrates that Skills for Care supports the Government’s policy to promote transparency in public sector bodies. The data will also be available at data.gov.uk. In accordance with the code of practice issued by the Information Commissioner’s Office in November 2012, the published dataset will be as granular and user-friendly as possible whilst ensuring that no single worker or establishment can be identified.

NMDS-SC open data files will be published in September and March each year and are available in the download area below.


Data files - user guide

Our guidance document is designed to help you use the files below. You can request raw NMDS-SC data files in different formats including CSV or SPSS format. This can be requested by contacting us.  The files below include the main tabulated Excel file and links to reports where workforce intelligence is described and presented with charts.