Finding and keeping the right workers

A recruitment and retention toolkit for adult social care and health employers

This toolkit has lots of practical tips, guidance and templates to help you at every stage of your recruitment and retention, so that you can find and keep more workers who have the right values.

Focusing on people’s values in your recruitment ensures that you get the right people to work in your organisation, who know what it means to provide high quality care and support and are more likely to stay.

To do this you need to have a strong set of workplace values, and ensure that the people you recruit align with them.

Practical support with your recruitment and retention

This toolkit guides you through the recruitment and retention process including:

It’s important to evaluate your recruitment and retention regularly, so you can see what’s working and what isn’t. The Workforce outcomes measurement model can help you do this.

What are values?

Values are the beliefs that people hold about what is right or wrong and good or bad. They influence how people behave in different situations. Workplace values, such as respect and dignity, are the guiding principles that are most important to an organisation.

Establishing strong workplace values and ensuring that your workforce matches them, will help you deliver high quality and consistent care and support.

Where’s the evidence?

Our research suggests that employers taking a values-based approach to recruitment and retention are reaping the rewards. This includes better staff performance, lower staff turnover and a positive return on investment. 

ADASS’s national workforce development group endorse this approach and say:

Values-based recruitment has the potential to unlock new pools of candidates to work in social care – essential if the sector is to meet rising demand for care and support in an increasingly competitive labour market.

The right values, behaviours and attitudes are the raw materials for quality care and support – good induction, training and management will do the rest.