National recruitment campaign

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The Department of Health and Social Care (DHSC) is developing an adult social care workforce recruitment campaign to;

  • raise awareness of, and drive recruitment into the sector,
  • help equip the sector with the knowledge of how to support the campaign, 
  • boost the sector's recruitment marketing.

Test advertising has been run in Gloucestershire and Tyne and Wear and an evaluation report is currently being written which will inform the national campaign due to start in early 2019. The campaign will run across websites, radio, social media and local press.  

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How to get involved


The Department of Health and Social Care is hosting a series of events around the country.  Find out more here.

Case studies and best practice

We need case studies and spokespeople which we can promote on social media, the website and with media engagement. Please email if you can help.

Support the Facebook page: like the page, share content and add your own experiences.
Encourage staff to do the same, particularly with those who they think would be suitable working in ASC, as we know referrals are a positive driver for retention.

Share your learning: what’s worked / not worked in your own recruitment marketing? Tell us

We will update this page as the campaign develops.