Finding the right people for your workplace seminar

Finding the right people seminar web images 250 x 250px4Would you like to attract more people?

Come to our seminar to learn the best ways to shortlist, interview and select candidates who are right for your workplace.

Understanding how and where to target your recruitment efforts can help you find more of the right candidates who you might have missed using traditional recruitment methods. This practical seminar will help you identify your ‘ideal candidate’ and design methods that help you get the most out of application forms, interviewing and the selection process.

What will delegates learn?

Delegates will leave with useful tips, resources and checklists to help them find the right people for their organisation. You’ll get the opportunity to practice shortlisting against non-traditional criteria and design an assessment centre to help you recruit your ideal candidates.

find out how to:

  • identify your ideal candidate
  • find new pools of candidates 
  • communicate and target potential recruits
  • get the most out of the application, interviewing and selection process.

Who should attend?

The seminar has been specifically developed for adult social care employers.

The seminar is suitable for anyone involved in recruiting staff, including sourcing candidates, promoting their organisation, shortlisting, selecting and interviewing candidates. 

For more information about this seminar, or if you'd like us to deliver this directly to your organisation, please email: