Valuable conversations, conversations that count with your team

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This seminar is for employers looking to create a more positive place to work to retain their staff.

This new seminar introduces a ‘values-based’ method to effectively communicate with staff to get the best outcomes for everyone. The seminar pulls on popular theories and real-life examples to equip delegates with a new approach to having constructive conversations.

To retain staff, employees need to know that they’re valued, and their contribution is recognised. Communicating in a meaningful way helps staff feel heard, supported and empowered, which in turn, increases loyalty and retention.

Find out about:

  • the impact of your own attitudes and behaviours
  • how to break the ‘cycle of conflict’
  • how to use a ‘valuable’ approach to provide feedback
  • techniques to improve communication and understanding within your teams.

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Thursday 27 February 2020 - London - Book your place here

How much does it cost?

£120 plus VAT (or £100 plus VAT with a Registered Manager's membership). 

We can also deliver the seminar directly to your organisation. If you're interested in this option, please email 

Who should attend?

This seminar has been specifically developed for adult social care employers who manage staff.

For further help with retaining your staff, please visit the 'Retaining your staff' section of our website.