Values-based interviewing seminar

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What's values-based interviewing?

This practical seminar is developed for the adult social care sector and explains the importance of using a values-based approach. The seminar teaches a specific values-based interviewing style. 

A values-based interview explores a candidate’s values and behaviours and assesses whether they align with your organisation’s values, culture and expectations.

This is different to competency-based interviewing which assesses the candidates work experience and qualifications.

Find out about:

  • values-based recruitment and how it can be applied to the workplace
  • mapping your organisational values to your values and behaviours framework
  • how to use this interviewing technique to identify whether candidates have the right values to work in your organisation
  • how to form a question bank to use with when interviewing candidates.

This seminar is available by comissioned request only. For more information, or to express your interest in the seminar being directly delivered to your organisation, please email:

 For further help recruiting staff with the right values please visit the 'Recruiting the right people' section of our website.