Planning to recruit for values

Values-based recruitment is an approach where people are recruited based on their individual values and behaviours that closely align with the values of your organisation.

This approach helps employers take on the right people, who know what it means to provide high-quality care and support and who are more likely to stay.

Before recruiting people with the right values and behaviours, you need to identify and agree your own workplace values.

We have increasingly seen that a positive workplace culture, based on meaningful values and an engaged workforce, creates a more person-centred approach to care. CQC, The state of health care and adult social care in England 2017/18

Identify your workplace values

Example values and behaviours framework for adult social care21 Map your organisation’s values onto the example Values based recruitment and retention checklist and action plan
 Example values framework
Explore values and behaviours which are central to providing good quality care and support.     
Mapping values 
Identify your organisational values, behaviours or competency frameworks which may require further development.
Identify the aspects of values-based recruitment that you have in place, and areas for further development. 
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The right workplace culture

Workplace culture is the character and personality of your organisation made up of, your organisation's leadership, values, traditions and beliefs, and the behaviours and attitudes of the people in it.

A positive workplace culture is vital to delivering high quality care and support and contributes to recruiting and retaining like-minded and talented people.

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Seeing potential: an open recruitment process

An open recruitment process is the removal of any unfair barriers preventing the employment of people from all kinds of backgrounds. It allows employers to fill skills gaps that exist throughout the whole workforce (including roles that don’t involve direct care).

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Learn from others: Castle Supported Living share their approach to establishing their workplace values in the video below. 


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