Application process

The application process asks potential candidates for important information to help you make decisions about which applicants should go forward to the next stage.

By including your organisation’s values and behaviours in your application process, you can ask candidates to evidence how they've demonstrated their values. This makes it easier to assess their suitability.

As part of the The Department of Health and Social Care’s (DHSC) National Recruitment Campaign, we’ve included a video below which focuses on how employers can make the most of their application process. 

Clipboard in magnifying glass icon 250 x 250px Use our best practice guide to help you create an application form.


Profiling tools can be used to assess a potential recruits’ values and behaviours. There are different tools available to help you choose a system which is right for your organisation.

A Question of Care is an online, interactive quiz which uses scenario-based videos and questions to assess people’s values and behaviours. Download our guidance on how to use it as part of your recruitment process.

Candidates could also complete the online quiz launched as part of the 2019 Department for Health and Social Care’s ‘Every day is different’ national recruitment campaign to see if they would be well-suited to a career in care.

Assessment centres can be effective in predicting candidates’ performance. This guide provides tips and ideas for using this method.

Invite potential recruits to find out more about your service before they apply for a role with you. It can help them understand more about social care and the environment they’d be working in. You can also get involved in national initiatives such as ‘Care Home Open Day’ and invite people in to your workplace.

People who need care and support can be valuable in the application process. They know what kind of people you need to do the job and can really help draw out the values, behaviours, attitudes and interpersonal skills of job applicants.

⇨ Download our ‘Involving people who need care and support in recruitment and retention’ guide which provides practical tips and case studies to help.

Existing staff know, first hand, what the role involves. You could invite candidates to visit your service to meet existing staff and ask questions. This is also a great way for potential employees to learn more about your service and the role, so they can make an informed decision about whether it’s right for them.

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