Good working conditions

Offering good working conditions, beyond minimum legal requirements, can make a difference to staff retention.

Research tells us that the following are important to employees:

  • good working conditions
  • guaranteed hours
  • fair wages
  • flexibility
  • input into rotas
  • good terms and conditions 
  • help with childcare costs. 

Offering flexible working can be hugely beneficial as it allows staff to better manage their personal and family commitments and provides them with more control over their working patterns.

It can also improve morale which contributes to staff retention. You could involve employees in forming developing working patterns and rotas. This will make them feel valued and consulted with and can lead to a reduction in staff turnover. 

Include additional benefits such as salary sacrifice schemes, health and wellbeing initiatives or other incentives. Examples include:

  • wellbeing packages
  • discount schemes
  • childcare vouchers
  • refer-a-friend schemes. 

Taking care of your employees' wellbeing and resilience helps staff to maintain a good work/life balance and helps to protect them against mental and physical ill health.

Building staff resilience contributes to better wellbeing by helping staff to cope better under pressure and dealing with difficult situations. This all contributes to better staff retention. 

Download our 'Greater resilience, better care' resource. 

It’s important to establish a healthy and safe working environment for lone workers. See our online guidance for supporting staff who regularly work alone.


Employers have a legal duty to provide a safe and fair environment for their employees.

There are Government guidelines on Working conditions and various policies and procedures that make up employment contracts. There’s also information about the national minimum and national living wage and information on Universal Credit work allowances.

See the Health and safety section of our website for information on health and safety training, our 'endorsed providers directory' and advice regarding safe working.


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