Retaining your staff

Investing in staff retention is vital to the success of any organisation. It helps with the continuity of high-quality care, positive workplace culture, staff wellbeing, time and cost savings, and positive CQC ratings.

Employers with a turnover of less than 10% told us that their main activities contributing to staff retention were:

  • investing in learning and development (94%)
  • embedding the values of their organisation (92%)
  • celebrating the organisation’s and individual achievements (86%)
  • involving colleagues in decision making (81%).

Research: Recruitment and retention issues in the adult social care workforce in Devon

This Research shows that some of the main reasons care workers stay in their job is because they have a strong sense of loyalty to their employer.

The main factors contributing to loyalty in this report were:

  • employees feeling valued for the role they do
  • job satisfaction - the diversity and challenge of the role
  • having a positive impact on people’s lives
  • opportunity for personal or professional growth
  • good working conditions, such as guaranteed working hours, fair wages, flexibility and help with childcare costs.

We've guidance and tools to help you retain your workforce

 We’ve learnt that everyone would like more money but surprisingly it’s not as important as being happy in their work. Support and development of people is held in higher regard. 

- Claxton House, Atlanta Healthcare, residential care provider