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Some people with a criminal record may have committed minor offences but moved on from past mistakes and offer a wide range of skills and abilities. Employers may inadvertently have recruitment policies or practices in place that exclude people with convictions creating a barrier to fair and inclusive recruitment.

In this series of masterclasses, safe and fair employment expert Dominic Headley covers recent changes to the Rehabilitation of Offenders Act to help you make informed, safe, and confident decisions regarding employment of those with previous offences.

Primarily created to accompany the one-day Safe and Fair recruitment – gathering information workshop, these masterclasses can be helpful to all organisations that carry out criminal record checks.

For confidential advice, guidance and support, employers can signpost applicants to Nacro’s Criminal Record Support Service prior to answering any questions about their criminal record.


Duration 38 mins


Duration 16 mins


Duration 25 mins


ROA 1974 Masterclass resources

Nacro guidance on Rehabilitation of Offenders Act 1974

MoJ Disclosure Checker

Duration 18 mins


Duration 22 mins


ROA Exceptions Order Masterclass resources

DBS checks for adult social care roles 

DBS eligibility tool 

DBS list of specified offences 

DBS filtering guide 

Nacro guidance on ROA Exceptions Order self-disclosure and DBS filtering rules 

Safe and fair recruitment guide

Decision-tree for applicants: Do I need to self-disclose?


Other useful documents

Safer recruitment checklist

Safer recruitment - Gathering and assessing criminal record information for UK and non-UK nationals, including displaced people

Safe and fair recruitment guide