Skills for Care

Employers can claim funding to support a newly qualified social worker (NQSW) through the Assessed and Supported Year of Employment (ASYE) programme and apply for ASYE certification.

Key dates for ASYE funding in 2021-22 

  • The deadline for receipt of online pre-registration applications was Friday 7 January 2022. 
  • Online portal for officially registering NQSWs for funding closed at 23:59 on Monday 31 January 2022.

Funding allocation

Funding's available for NQSWs starting the ASYE between 1 February 2021 and 31 January 2022 and will be disbursed using the following funding formula:

  1. no employer should receive less than £1,000 per NQSW
  2. no local authority or NHS employer should received more than £2,000 per NQSW
  3. no voluntary or private employer (small organisations) should receive more than £2,500 per NQSW.

The employer will receive the funding in two instalments, and the first payment will be £800 per NQSW, allocated at the first milestone.

The remaining amount payable will be calculated using the funding formula and will be based on the number of social workers employed and the actual number of NQSWs registered for ASYE. This will be allocated at the second milestone.

Please note: in the event of employers recruiting fewer NQSWs than estimated, any over-payments made at milestone one will be recouped at milestone two.


Application process

1. Pre-registration process 

Due to pressures employers continue to face due to COVID-19 the simpliflied pre-registration process will continue for the 2021-22 funding year.


Employers who've previously claimed

If you've claimed from the adults ASYE funding in previous years, we'll use an average of available data of your actual NQSW registrations over the last three years (2018-19, 2019-20, 2020-21) to estimate your number of NQSWs and calculate your milestone 1 payment. You don't need to complete a pre-registration form this year.

Employers will be required to upload their most up to date Memorandum of Collaboration (MoC), as proof of membership of an External Moderation Partnership, to the ‘Documents’ section on the portal before submitting the application to trigger their milestone 1 payments.


New employers or employers who haven't registered for funding in the last three years

If you fall into this category you need to complete an online pre-registration form and provide the following information:

  • the number of registered social workers you employ
  • the number of NQSWs you plan to recruit and register for ASYE between 1 February 2021 and 31 January 2022
  • evidence of your membership of an External Moderation Partnership.

The application form must be completed to access the funding. Please make your application as soon as you have employed an NQSW. Receipt of pre-registration applications will be confirmed within two weeks of application.

Download the guidance for completing the pre-registration form


2. Registration of NQSWs

To access funding and apply for certification NQSWs need to be registered on the portal should be registered as they come into post throughout the year.

This short video will show you how to use the portal or you can read the guidance to access the registration portal.

Duration 8 mins 16 secs



Access the registration portal 


3. Milestone one: first payment

Successful registration of your first NQSW or group of NQSWs for the year will trigger your grant letter. This will be sent to you by email from EchoSign. On receipt of your signed grant acceptance letter, the milestone one allocation will be paid. NB: Where no electronic registration is made no funding will be paid.


4. Milestone two: final payment - February 2022

The amount to be paid (subject to funding confirmation) will be based on the actual number of NQSWs registered with Skills for Care by 31 January 2022.


How do I claim an ASYE certificate?

We’re now issuing ASYE certificates to employers for newly qualified social workers (NQSWs) in adults services. The Skills for Care certificates will look slightly different to the previous certificates but the process for issuing the certificates will remain the same. 

To claim a certificate employers need to update the NQSW record on the portal with the date of completion of the ASYE. 

Download guidance on how to update the portal.

If you have any questions about funding, registration or claiming a certificate for NQSWs in adults services please email