Learning materials

A group of four learners sat around a table with a male learning facilitator standing at the end

We’ve created learning and development materials to help with the changes brought about by the Care Act 2014.

A revised edition of the Care Act was published on 10 March 2016 and supersedes the version issued in October 2014. It takes account of regulatory changes, feedback from stakeholders and the care sector, and developments following the postponement of social care funding reforms to 2020.

The materials are to be used as a first step towards helping and building a competent workforce.

These learning materials alone will not affect the cultural changes needed to implement the Act but they are one tool that can be used to support the journey. 

Guide to the materials

We’ve produced a Guide to the Care Act learning and development programme to help you use the materials.

When using the materials care must be taken to ensure that you check for further amendments or specific detail here.

It explains what they contain and how to use them to help you pick the ones most useful to you.

Topic areas

Topic areas cover all of the key parts of the Act.

Rather than an ‘off the peg’ training pack, the materials are designed to be adapted and used using your own professional judgement.

Since the publication of these materials the government has delayed the implementation of the policy to cap care costs in England until 2020.

When using the materials care must be taken to ensure that you check for further amendments or specific detail here

personal action plan template is available that will be useful in learning and development sessions in any topic area.


Our glossary gives definitions of words used in the materials. These are taken from either the legislation, the Think Local Act Personal (TLAP) jargon buster or developed by us where there was no definition.

Specialist briefings

There are three specialist briefings available covering:


A series of short videos are available of people from different organisations talking about how they think the Care Act may influence them, their organisations and the people they work with.