Skills for Care

Our ‘Digital learning for managers’ modules support the development of aspiring and new managers.

Based on the Manager Induction Standards, the modules offer engaging introductions to key topic areas to peak learners’ interest and provide opportunities to reflect, ideas to improve practices, and motivation to learn more.

The 11 modules cover the following topic areas and learning outcomes: 

  • Leadership and Management - leadership and management in adult care, action centred leadership and developing trust.
  • Governance and regulatory processes - key drivers, Care Quality Commission, Nominated Individuals, regulation process and why governance?
  • Person-centred practice for postive outcomes - person-centred care, leading personcentred practice, diversity, equality and inclusion and continuous quality improvement.
  • Resources - managing resources, recruitment and retention and performance management.
  • Manage self - self-awareness, no show!, workload management, lead by example and your vision.
  • Decision making - making decisions, information, meet Rhona, post decisions and review decisions.
  • Communication - communicating effectively, Information and Information sharing.
  • Relationships and partnership working - partnership working, Managing relationships and Working with carers.
  • Entrepreneural skills and innovation - what is an entrepreneur?, market provision, importance of vision and change management.
  • Safeguarding, protection and risk - safeguarding and protection, responsibilities, risk and confidentiality and restrictive practices.
  • Professional development, supervsion and performance management - development, developing core skills, professional supervision and managing performance.


Benefits of Digital learning for managers

The modules include real-life examples of good practice that learners can connect with, relate to, and learn from. They’re interactive; keeping people engaged throughout using activities, videos and providing time and encouragement to reflect.  They are a cost-effective way to support succession planning.

Learners and organisations use the modules flexibly and creatively – they use single modules to update learning, the full suite as an introduction to management, and embed the modules in more in-depth development programmes.


Module duration

20 to 40 minutes to complete a module.


Price and funding

  • Single modules - £10 each.
  • Full suite of 11 modules -  £75.

Employers can claim £50 per completed module from the Workforce Development Fund. This funding contributes towards the cost of the digital learning, the employees time required to complete the module, and the time taken to apply and embed the learning within their organisation.

Find out how to claim money from the WDF.


Accessing the digital learning

There are two ways to access the ‘Digital learning for managers’:

  1. Individual access

    Learners will need to log in to their Skills for Care account (or register for an account if they don’t already have one) and click on the Virtual learning environment button. Learners will then have the option to purchase each module individually or buy the complete suite. Payment is made using your Paypal account or by credit/debit card. 

  2. Bulk purchase through your organisation

    Employers can purchase all 11 modules for a number of their employees and pay via invoice. Email to find out more.