Jan 16

New autism guides launched

Posted on Wednesday 20th January 2016

For those with autism who are employing a personal assistant(s)

This guide is for autistic individual employers who are employing a personal assistant(s) for themselves or on behalf of an individual with autism.

Download how to be a great autistic individual employer

For personal assistants

This guide is for personal assistants who are providing care and support for an individual with autism.

Download how to be a great personal assistant for someone with autism

For assessors and health professionals

This guide will be useful to social workers, community care assessors, speech and language therapists, occupational therapist’s and other health professionals, including those who are working to assess people for benefit claims. This guide will provide these workers with the knowledge to undertake assessments in light of specific issues relevant to people who have autism, and has links to other useful resources. 

Download how to do a great assessment for someone with autism


The guides are supported by two videos featuring people with lived experience and show how autism affects everybody differently. They also include hints and tips to better meet the needs of people with autism.

The guides, videos and further autism resources are available by visiting our autism web page.