Local authorities

local-authorities-smWe've already worked with a number of local authorities:

  • Essex County Council - an analysis of vacancy rates and wider workforce characteristics.
  • Greater Manchester Combined Authority - forecasting the future workforce
  • Hertfordshire County Council - turnover rates by demographic information
  • Norfolk County Council - a detailed analysis of pay in the sector
  • Solihull Council - forecasting the future workforce (see below)
  • Staffordshire County Council, Oxfordshire County Council and Hertfordshire County Council - an adult social care workforce overview 
  • Warrington Borough Council - an analysis of the domiciliary care market (see below)


What we can do

We provide real insight into the sector at  a local level.  We can help with future workforce forecasting and overviews of the sector and workforce at a local level.

We can also focus on particular parts of the sector or workforce at a local level, for example:

  • specific service areas e.g. domiciliary care or residential care
  • the workforce providing care and support to a specific group of people, e.g. people with dementia or learning disabilities
  • specific job roles, e.g. registered nurses, care workers or social workers
  • trend information.

We've also developed two reports (available for a small charge) below. 

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Compare data between local authorities

To explore and understand our workforce data at local authority level, we've introduced an online interactive tool on our website. 

By clicking on and moving around the maps, you can select and compare characteristics about the adult social care workforce for each local authority area in England.


Explore our local authority level data

Case study: Solihull Metropolitan City Council

We helped Solihull City Council understand what the scale and direction of change may be for adult social care services locally.  We also looked at changes to the adult social care workforce and and the economic value of the sector in the area.   

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Case study:  Warrington County Council

Read about how we provided data and intelligence to the Council so they had a deeper understanding of their homecare market.


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Case study: North London Councils

We helped neighbouring councils in London to look at recruitment and retention issues so they could develop plans and strategies to help.


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One stop shop on NMDS-SC

The NMDS-SC has a dedicated web page which has been designed to help Local Authorities with the annual data return. 

You'll find webinars, guides and useful checklists to ensure your return runs as smoothly as possible.


One stop shop 

Economic contribution of social care in your area 

This four to six page report will provide you with estimates to show the economic contribution of the adult social care sector in England for your specific region and area.

There is a charge for producing this report.



Sample report

Impact of national living wage in your area

This report will help you estimate the number of independent sector adult social care jobs, filled by workers aged 25 and over, that currently pay less than £7.50 in your area. 

It covers independent sector adult social care workers only. There is a charge for producing this report.


Sample report

Regional reports

These nine reports give an overview of the workforce for each of the nine Government office regions in England.  You can access the reports by clicking on the relevant link below:

North East, North West, Yorkshire and the Humber, East Midlands, West Midlands, London, South East, South West, Eastern



Local authority area summary reports

These two page reports provide an overview of the adult social care sector and workforce in each of the 152 authority areas with care service responsibilities across England. 


Access summary reports


Do your own analysis

Every local authority in England will have an NMDS-SC account which is updated every year. You can find out how to access it here.

Once logged in, ‘My dashboards’ shows your NMDS-SC information in an easy to understand format with flexible benchmarks you can change, tailored interpretation, simple guidance and links to related resources.

You can compare the services within your organisation or compare to other local authorities.

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Jo Finnerty 250x250 B&W 

Greater Manchester Health and Social Care Partnership

'Working with the team has been really insightful. They’ve been able to provide data that I didn’t realise they could. Will has been really helpful and has guided us through what is available and has been really flexible along the way.

I would really recommend using this service to help you look for red flags, trends and patterns. This piece of work has really helped us ensure the right resources are put in the right places'.

Read about how we helped Jo Finnerty (Workforce Lead for Social Care) look into the workforce issues and trends to help Greater Manchester Health and Social Care Partnership plan for the future. 

Helping identify workforce needs

In the first of a series of video interviews, Lucy MacDonald, Commissioning Officer at Solihull County Council talks about how valuable our data services were in helping them identify future workforce and service needs.

In this second video, Karen Murphy explains "When we use data, we’re trying to make sure that we have the right services delivered by sufficient numbers in the right place with the right skills to do what we need of them. Without that, we can’t give a guarantee of safe and sustainable care". 

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