COVID-19 Survey

This page contains Skills for Care analysis of a survey distributed by Care Management Matters looking at the impact of COVID-19 on the adult social care workforce, particularly recruitment and retention. The survey was completed on 31 March 2020, by 211 adult social care providers.

This dashboard is best viewed on a desktop computer. You can view the dashboard here

Key findings

Based on the 211 providers who responded:

  • On average, the providers reported 25% of their workforce was currently unable to work due to covid related issues. The most common reason being self-isolation due to symptoms or living with someone with symptoms (10%). Other workers were absent due to concerns about catching the virus (6%), shielding (4%) or due to childcare issues (5%).
  • 34% of providers reported they urgently needed more staff with a further 42% anticipating they’d need more staff in the coming months
  • The majority of providers reported that most of their staff (but not all) were receiving key worker exemption allowing them to keep their children at school.
  • 39% of providers noted an increase in applications and 54% were taking on temporary staff. There was little evidence of a reduction in the quality of applicants yet.
  • 36% of providers also noted volunteers coming forward – although many (49%) were not sure how best to utilise them yet.