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Throughout February and March we’re putting the spotlight on #ManagingChange. 

We’ll be sharing information and ideas through blogs, articles, and social media posts to help you and your teams with #ManagingChange. 

In social care things are constantly changing, and that’s been particularly true over the past two years in light of COVID-19. 

For social care managers planning and leading change is a key part of your role. It’s not always easy to introduce changes and to help your team adapt, that’s why we’re providing support with our #ManagingChange spotlight. 

We’ll be looking at why change is important, how to be change ready, what it means to be a change leader, and how you can manage resistance and encourage your teams to embrace change. We’ll also be sharing real-life examples of good change management in action. 

Our resources can help with leading change and planning for change and we have resources specifically aimed for individual employers. 

Keep an eye out for our managing change blogs and articles and follow our campaign on social media using #ManagingChange. 

#ManagingChange resources 

Recorded webinar

#ManagingChange: How to engage teams in change

Hear discussions about how social care managers can engage teams in change and consider leadership strategies designed to overcome resistance to change without impacting on colleagues’ wellbeing. 

Duration 27 mins



Leading change

Registered managers support 

We aim to provide as much dedicated support and information for registered managers and front-line managers as we can.  Through membership, networks and the Facebook group, registered managers can find peer support and help share guidance and ideas for managing change and day-to-day activities. 

See our registered manager support  

Registered managers webinars 

Our webinars cover a range of topics to support managers and their services to manage change. These include effective supervision, keeping your team motivated, effective delegation and empowering your staff, and driving improvements in difficult times. 

Watch the 'Leadership' webinars

PDF - 54 kb

A new leadership development programme for social care managers being delivered by Skills for Care endorsed providers. The programme includes support for leading, managing and building resilience for change. 

PDF - 3.4mb

Effective supervision supports good working relationships, helps you to address any issues and celebrate achievements. Our guide will help you to plan and deliver effective supervisions to help you manage changes in your organisation. 



Planning for change

Practical approaches to workforce planning 

With constant change across social care affecting the way we work both now and in the future, we’ve developed a guide to workforce planning including templates to support you in planning ahead for your organisation’s future workforce needs. 

Find out more, read the guide and download the planning templates


Having an ASC-WDS account provides many benefits to your organisation. The service provides data and reports that can help inform workforce planning and managing change. It can also be used to identify trends or patterns with key workforce metrics such as pay, sickness and turnover. 

Find out how your organisation can benefit from ASC-WDS

PDF - 542 kb

Use this guide alongside our strategic and operational resources to support you in understanding how an integrated approach across social and health care helps provide seamless person-centred support to the person drawing on care. 



Individual employers resources


We’ve developed a series of webinars on a range of topics to support individual employers, personal assistants and organisations supporting them to manage change. These include planning, keeping safe and being prepared, and preparation for better conversations for personal assistants and individual employers. 

Watch the webinars tailored to individual employers

Employing Personal Assistants (PAs) toolkit 

Our toolkit offers guidance on supervision to help you assess if your personal assistant is doing the job in the way that you want and how to feedback on achievements and where changes are required. 

View the toolkit


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