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Happy New Year! As 2022 begins we’re dedicating January to helping social care employers, managers, and the wider workforce prepare for the year ahead.

Throughout the month we’ll be focusing on providing information, support, and resources around planning for learning and development, supporting your own and your team’s wellbeing and workforce planning – all of which are important elements in getting the year off to a good start and keeping processes running smoothly through the year so that you can deliver safe and effective care to our communities.

We’ll be sharing top tips, insights from others working in the sector, and round-ups of our key resources through articles and blogs on our website as well as on our social media channels.

You can keep up with all our new blogs and articles right here, and through following #PrepareToCare22 on social media.

As the year continues, we’ll keep working to provide the most effective information and support to help social care employers, managers, and their teams through the year, and as always, we’ll be taking an agile approach and reacting to what this year brings to make sure we’re having the biggest impact to support you where most needed.


#PrepareToCare22 blog and articles


Planning for 2022: key takeaways from our 'The care exchange' podcast

We spoke to Debbie Dry, the registered manager of Windsor Care Home, an 'outstanding' rated small family-run home for older people in Buckinghamshire. Among her many useful insights, Debbie shared how she plans for the year ahead at the start of each year.

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New learning and development opportunities for 2022

As the new year begins it’s the perfect time to start planning learning and development opportunities for your team to make use of this year.

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Interview: how I plan for the new year as a registered manager

We spoke with Laura Hambridge, Registered Manager of Eden House, about how she plans for the year ahead and what advice she would give other social care managers about balancing yearly planning alongside remaining flexible to the changing requirements of social care.

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