Deputy manager or team manager

Woman and manLead and manage the care team, helping them to deliver high standards across the organisation. You’ll also play an important role in supporting the manager of the service.

Deputy managers and / or team leaders are an important position within any social care setting including care homes, supported living flats, in the community, or local authorities.

Role overview:

  • supporting your manager to run your workplace, including covering in their absence and ensuring standards of care are maintained
  • ensure the service safely plans staffing levels and complies with legislation and regulatory requirements
  • undertake care assessments of people needing care and support, as well as working closely with healthcare professionals and others
  • helping the service to recruit and develop new care workers, supporting, supervising and performance managing them

Skills and experience

You’ll ideally need to have experience and qualifications before progressing into a Deputy manager or Team manager role. Experiencing of directly delivering care can be highly beneficial in understanding the needs of your team. Specific skills needed to work in this role include:

  • supervisory and team leading skills
  • effective communication skills
  • performance management
  • self-motivation and resilience
  • understand regulatory requirements

We would recommend that you have completed Level 2 or Level 3 Adult Care qualifications or Apprenticeship Standards before progressing into management roles.

The Lead to succeed learning programme can also be beneficial to help prepare you for the role and understanding key areas of adult social care management.


If you’re currently working in social care, speak to your employer about opportunities to progress into deputy or team leader roles. 

If you’re interested in working as a deputy manager or assistant manager, we recommend joining a care service at a more junior position and working towards these roles.  Existing experience is important and understanding of health and social care can really help as you progress into more senior positions.

Case studies

  • Sophie Layton
    Sophie works as a deputy manager and supports her manager in a care home people with learning disabilities.
  • Aiste Trimakaite
    Aiste works as an assistant manager in a residential care home for people with mental ill-health.

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