Finance Officer

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You’ll work with the management team to ensure the smooth financial operation of the organisation.

Role overview

  • preparing invoices
  • purchase and sales tasks
  • managing company bank accounts
  • managing payroll
  • preparing annual budgets and end of year reports.


Skills, experience and qualifications

Each role will require different experience and qualifications.

Everyone working in social care needs English, number, digital and employability skills including team work and problem solving skills. What core skills do I need to work in social care outlines some of the skills you need and has short activities to help you think about transferable skills from your previous experiences.

It’s also really important that you have the right values and behaviours to work in social care.

Getting started

Depending on where you work and your level, you’ll usually need to have previous experience or a relevant qualification. This could be an accounting qualification or an accounting apprenticeship. Read more from The Institute of Chartered Accountants about specific qualifications and training.



Case studies

  • Melissa Hall
    Melissa has HR responsibilities at care agency CareBIG, and is responsible for recruiting and selecting carers for the agency.
  • Sales and marketing manager- Mike Allistone
    Mark works as a sales and marketing manager and is responsible for promoting seven care services in the organisation.
  • Office manager- Julie Allen
    Julie works as an office manager and has a varied role including training, supervision, interviewing and writing care plans.

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