Trainer or assessor

Trainer or assessor

Trainers or assessors could work for a social care employer and deliver training to all staff within the organisation, or could work for a training provider who delivers training to different social care employers.

You'll need a good knowledge of social care as well as excellent presentation skills and the ability to motivate others.

Role overview:

  • ensuring all staff have the right skills and knowledge for their roles
  • designing and delivering training yourself or commissioning training from external suppliers
  • evaluating how effective training has been
  • keeping training records for staff
  • supporting staff who are completing qualifications and assessing their work.

Trainers and assessors can work within a care organisations, or for a provider who offers training to different workplaces.

Skills and experience

You usually need to have some experience in a training or teaching role or a relevant qualification in a subject such as education or training.

It might also be useful to have some experience working in social care and health, and have a social care qualification such as a Diploma in Health and Social Care.


Whilst working you could do a vocational qualification to develop your skills as a trainer or assessor. Read more from The Education and Training Foundation about specific qualifications and training.

You might want to progress into a training management role in your organisation, or you could choose to specialise in one particular subject, such as end of life or autism care, and you could become a trainer or assessor in that area. Read more on the Job roles in social care page. 



Case studies

  • Gemma Tonkinsmith
    Gemma works as a learning and development manager and organises and delivers training for staff.
  • Nicola Pullen
    Nicola works as a team leader and has additional responsibilities for delivering moving and handling training.
  • Adrian Muir
    Adrian works as a training manager with Augustinian Care. He's responsible for arranging and delivering training to care workers.

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