A Question of Care has been updated...

‘A Question of Care: A career for you’ is an online, interactive video challenge based on real life scenarios from the social care sector. At the end of the quiz it provides a detailed personal profile that tells people whether they have what it takes to work in social care.

This quiz can be used to show just some of the situations that social care workers could face. It can be used to help people understand the challenges that might happen in everyday work and to test their attitudes and values.

We’re now launching two new roles – personal assistant and domiciliary (home) care. These two additional roles give a wider choice for candidates to ensure a broader picture of possible job roles in social care.

Take the quiz (currently being updated)

Are you looking for a career in care?

This interactive quiz offers eight scenarios for each role. A series of multiple choice questions then need to be answered to see if you’ve got what it takes for a career in care.

You will receive a score based on the questions you’ve answered and will be able to see how you scored based on the key values and behaviours needed to work in social care.

"It's interesting as it gives you an idea of what it's like to work in the caring profession."

"I enjoyed A Question of Care because of the use of the short films and multiple choice questions, I prefer this method compared to simply reading a scenario and then answering the question." 

Are you a teacher or careers advisor?

You can use this tool to support candidates to decide if a career in care is for them.

The feedback from a candidate’s answers can be downloaded or emailed as a pdf document. It can then be used to support the candidate to help them decide whether they have the right values for care, and could use it to support future job applications or alongside their CV.