Teachers and careers advisors: 5 reasons why you should request a care ambassador to talk to your students

Our I Care…Ambassadors can come and do careers activities to inspire your students to work in adult social care. They’re already doing the job, so they give an honest and open view about what it’s really like to work in the sector.

There are over 400 organisations involved across England, and you can find a local ambassador by searching here.

Here are five reasons why you should request an I Care…Ambassador to talk to your students this January.


1.    They give an open and honest insight into working in adult social care

Who better to talk about careers in adult social care, than people working in it?

Ambassadors already work in the sector, so have first-hand experience of what it’s like to work in adult social care.

They work in lots of different roles and may have previous experience in different roles. They’re enthusiastic about their job and can explain the range of different roles students could do. 


2.    They can relate to your students

Each ambassador has a different background, and a unique route into working in adult social care.

They know what attracted them to the sector, and what makes them tick.

When you request an ambassador, you could request someone who can better relate to your students – for example a young or a male ambassador.


3.    They know the type of person who would make a good care worker

Every organisation who joins I Care…Ambassadors must deliver high quality care and support, and ambassadors are chosen for their enthusiasm for their career – and they know the type of person who makes a good care worker.

 Although your students might not have relevant experience or qualifications, ambassadors can help them to explore their ‘values’ and see if they have what it takes to work in social care.


4.    They offer different activities based on your requirements

Ambassadors do different activities depending on what you want. They could have an information stand at a careers fair, do a talk or presentation, or an interactive activity.

They’re trained to engage with different people, in different ways.


5.    Some services offer work experience or taster days

If students want to visit a social care service or get some work experience, some ambassadors offer this.

Get in touch with your local ambassador, and see what they offer.


Ambassadors get lots of requests, so we suggest giving them plenty of notice.

Find your local ambassador here.