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IMG_2579NMDS-SC gets a new name

You’ll know we’re currently developing a new NMDS-SC service.  This year our account holders will see what this new service looks like and be able to use it. 

Part of this makeover is that the new service gets a new name, so we’ve consulted with users and the new name will be ‘Adult Social Care Workforce Data Set’.

A big thanks to everyone who’s helped us so far on this journey and we’ll keep you updated. 

We're developing the new service using Agile working.



Magnifying glass and mapExplore workforce data at local authority level

To help you see, understand and explore our workforce data at a local authority level we've introduced a new interactive tool.   

You can select any of eighteen workforce characteristics and compare them between local authority areas. 



AMHP thumbnailNew: The Approved Mental Health Professional workforce

Skills for Care has worked closely with the Department of Health and Social Care and the AMHP Network to gain a better understanding of this key job role.  Key findings include:

  • An estimated 3,900 approved AMHPs in England
  • 95% of AMHPs are Social Workers
  • Two thirds of AMHPs combine their AMHP role with a substantive role e.g. Social Worker
  • An estimated 30% of AMHPs are aged 55 or over

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In the media

Independent:  Brexit will be a disaster for the social care sector 

Our workforce figures are being used extensively at the moment - particularly vacancy rates and jobs. 


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House of Commons, Public Accounts Committee report 'The adult social care workforce in England' 

Our data has recently informed a report and subsequent debate in the into the adult social care workforce in England which warns urgent action is required to reverse care work's poor public image and boost recruitment and retention.  

Read the PAC report

Press briefing updated

Our new quarterly briefing brings together the latest adult social care figures, organised in a way that's easy to cite and use.

The briefing has been designed for and with journalists.

We want to hear from you if you think we can improve it. Please email Paul Clarke, Media and Public Affairs Manager with any feedback. 

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Lived experience: Iron Boots over my shoes.

Lived experience: Iron Boots over my shoes.

This blog is written by Viola Nzira who talks about the minority status in the UK among people from BAME backgrounds working in social care. She believes embracing this status can support individuals to negotiate their way successfully within society at large and work environments.

Intersectionality: a smokescreen for exclusion?

In this blog, Clenton Farquarharson MBE, talks about intersectionality and what it means to him and society as a whole.
A new era of capturing data from our sector

A new era of capturing data from our sector

Dave Griffiths, Skills for Care's Product Owner for the new Adult Social Care (ASC) Workforce Data Set, the online data collection service that covers the adult social care workforce in England, shares his experience of creating and shaping this new service. It will shortly replace the National Minimum Data Set for Social Care (NMDS-SC).

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Telling the story of social care

We interviewed David Brindle, Social Care Editor at the Guardian about the impact of our work for journalists in the sector and the opportunities that our data offers them.

'Before NMDS-SC, we didn’t know how many people worked in social care. We had no reliable figures for the size of the sector, which is
clearly terribly important if you’re saying this is an important sector,
this deserves more funding, more policy attention'. 


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