The value of adult social care in England

Adult social care contributes at least £50.3 billion to the economy in England and provides significant societal benefits.

Skills for Care commissioned economic consultants KDNA to demonstrate the full economic value of the adult social care sector in England.

This report estimates that adult social care in England had a minimum total economic value in 2020/21 of £50.3 billion, made up of £25.6 billion of Gross Value Added (GVA) and a further £12.6 billion of indirect and £12.1 billion induced effects.

The report analyses the wider societal value and monetises some of these benefits, including improved wellbeing of carers and employment opportunities for carers, which is calculated up to £1.3billion and around £5.6 billion for working age adults.

The report also argues that the best way to make adult social care sustainable in the long-term is to move away from payment for adult social care processes to payment based on better outcomes for people who draw on care and support services.

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