Manager Induction Standards

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Our Manager Induction Standards (MIS) set out what a manager needs to know and understand to perform well in their role.  

They are a versatile tool for:

  • new managers - those new to management and those new inpost who have previously managed other care services
  • existing managers - to use as a benchmark of their ownpractice and potential learning and development needs,especially if their role has changed over the years
  • aspiring managers - to plan an appropriate developmentprogramme, increase their understanding of the expectations of a manager role and increase their potential of securing management positions in the future.

The MIS can be used in all care settings and are a measure of good practice.  

The standards

The MIS include core standards for managers performing a variety of tasks.

We recommend that new managers meet all the knowledge requirements of these core standards within six months of taking up a management role.

Core standards

  • Governance and accountability
  • Systems and processes to promote communication
  • Partnership working and relationships
  • Using person-centred practice to achieve positive outcomes
  • Team leadership and management
  • Managing resources
  • Equality, diversity and inclusion
  • Safeguarding and protection

There are also optional standards for managers who have these specialist aspects to their job or who have a particular interest in them:

  • professional development
  • change and growth
  • managing business
  • ensuring quality


We also have a blank certificate to evidence successful completion of the standards which is located at the back of the guide. 


Free downloads

Blank editable copies of the templates in section E of the workbook can be downloaded below.

These templates are for the person completing the MIS:

These templates can be used by managers within their role and may help with certain aspects of the MIS: 

The MIS have a fire safety element in the safeguarding and protection section.

Together with the London Fire Brigade, we have created a fire safety leaflet which highlights relevant standards in the Manager Induction Standards as well as supporting notes.

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