Care workers learning in a classroom

This report should be of interest to workforce planners, training providers, social care employers, government bodies, policy makers and anyone with an interest in Apprenticeships in social care.  Around 126,700 people participated in adult social care apprenticeships in 2017/18. 

What's in this report?

  • Number of starts
  • Apprenticeship levy
  • Comparisons between frameworks
  • Participation statistics
  • Achievement statistics


  • There were 38,300 adult social care apprenticeships starts in 2017/18, a decrease of 58% from 2016/17.
  • Contributing factors to the decrease include the transition from frameworks to standards and the change to apprenticeship funding through the apprenticeship levy.
  • The adult social care pathways of the Health and Social Care framework received 13,500 starts, Care Leadership and Management received 6,200, Adult Care Worker received 10,200 and Lead Adult Care Worker received 8,400.
  • The ‘market share’ of adult social care apprenticeship starts decreased from 19% in 2016/17 to 10% in 2017/18.
  • The majority of adult social care apprentices were aged between 25 and 44 (54%), whereas across all apprenticeships most were aged up to 24 (59%).


  • There were around 126,700 apprentices participating in the adult social care workforce throughout 2017/18. In any given month there were around 73,200 active apprentices in the adult social care workforce.
  • The recently launched Adult Care Worker and Lead Adult Care Worker standards showed consistent growth in participants throughout 2017/18.


  • Around 71,800 adult social care apprenticeships finished in 2017/18.
  • Of those that finished an adult social care apprenticeship, 69% had achieved their learning aim, 30% withdrew and less than 1% either transferred to a new provider or did not achieve their learning aim.
  • Around 73% of those that finished the social care pathways of the Health and Social Care framework had achieved their learning aim, which was slightly higher than Care Leadership and Management at 69%.


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