Registered nurses


Key findings 

  • There were 36,000 registered nurses working in adult social care in 2019/20. 
  • The number of registered nurses has continued to decrease, down 2,800 jobs (7%) between 2018/19 and 2019/20 and 15,500 jobs (30%) since 2012/13.The recruitment and retention of this group is under significant pressure, which has led to the inclusion of nurses on the Migration Advisory Committee’s shortage occupation list.
  • Around two in five registered nurses (41.3%) were estimated to have left their role within the past 12 months, this was approximately 12,500 leavers.
  • There was an estimated vacancy rate of 12.3% equivalent to around 4,200 vacancies at any given time.
  • Around 16% were on zero-hours contracts.
  • Around 65% were British, 16% had an EU nationality and 19% had a non-EU nationality.
  • The mean annual pay rate in 2019/20 was £31,800. Over the same time period the NHS pay band 5 was around £24,200 to £30,100 and band 6 was between £30,400 to £37,300.


About this paper

The paper is a comprehensive look into registered nurses working in the adult social care sector.   It discusses the factors contributing to problems with recruitment and retention including the perceived lack of career development opportunities and the negative image of the social care sector, as portrayed by the media.

The findings from this report should still be of interest, but the latest workforce figures can be found in the 'State of' report listed below.


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  • National information can be found in 'Size of the adult social care sector and workforce' report or ‘State of the adult social care sector and workforce’ below
  • For nurse data at a regional and local level please access the visualisations on the regional and local sections of this website.
  • The workforce estimates below contain tabulated information with more breakdowns (sector, service, geographical level) than are presented in the reports. 

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