Social work leadership and management

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Helping your social workers to achieve their potential

We’ve developed tools to help you develop social work managers, advanced social work practitioners and social workers at strategic levels.

Our social work leadership toolkit and 360° development tool are free resources linked to the Professional Capabilities Framework (PCF) .

They can be used to plan the development of your social work staff and will help you identify their strengths and learning needs. 

The social work leadership toolkit

Our social work leadership toolkit is currently being updated. It includes information and resources which will help you to:

  • offer learning and development opportunities for staff
  • identify and agree their development needs
  • choose the most effective training
  • agree learning outcomes with staff
  • ensure your organisation can support staff development
  • measure the effectiveness of learning.

360° feedback for social work managers

Our 360° development tool  provides a range of surveys which can be used by your staff to identify their professional strengths and learning needs.

Surveys can be completed by internal or external colleagues as well as people who need care and support.

Feedback is collated into a survey report and provides objective feedback about what your social workers are doing well and where they can improve.

You and your staff will have access to this report, which can be used in supervision to plan learning or training. 

The surveys are linked to the Professional Capabilities Framework (PCF) and can be tailored to support aspiring, experienced and strategic social work managers. 

Further support

We offer a one to one service to help you make the most of your 360° survey report.

Our experienced advisors can interpret the findings from the report and will provide advice to help you plan staff development.

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