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Inspiring people to work in social care 

I Care…Ambassadors are a national team of care workers who talk about what it’s like to work in social care.

Talking honestly and enthusiastically about their job makes a real difference. One in three people told us they are more likely to consider a career in social care having heard from an ambassador.

You can nominate your care workers to become ambassadors by registering as an I Care…Ambassador service. This will not only help you to recruit new staff but retain existing workers too.

Ambassadors visit schools, colleges and Jobcentres and run a range of careers activities within their workplace, such as guided visits and mentoring for new workers.

If you're a teacher, careers advisor or work in employment support, you can search for an
I Care..Ambassador to help you promote careers in care. 


Our infographic shows the impact I Care...Ambassadors have on adult social care.


Find the right workers to meet growing demand

Our National Minimum Data Set for Social Care (NMDS-SC) predicts that by 2030 the adult social care workforce will have to increase by around 500,000 jobs to keep pace with population growth and demographic changes. This means there will be more pressure on you to find and keep workers to meet this demand.

By joining this national team of ambassadors you will help to:

  • boost your business - I Care…Ambassadors are your best advert for your business. By showcasing the great work they do and sharing why they love their job it will encourages others to choose or recommend your service
  • motivate and keep your workforce – we know that over 70% of ambassadors feel more confident and motivated in their work as a result of being an ambassador.
  • attract the best people – one in three people are more interested in a career in care having heard from an ambassador.

Ambassadors provide an impartial view of social care, which inspires others to work in a similar role and changes some of the negative thoughts people may have of working in care.

This helps to attract more informed applicants for social care vacancies across England.

  • create a professional image and quality profile – once your ambassador has completed their Welcome Modules you will be able start using the I Care…Ambassador brand.

Please note if you are a Care Quality Commission (CQC) registered provider you must be rated as good or outstanding to register to deliver I Care…Ambassador activity.

Resources to help you

You will have access to our Resources Bank of tools to help you set up and run your service.

This includes tips, ideas and e-learning to help your ambassadors provide engaging activity for different audiences. 

You will also have access to our  I Care…About Impact tool which will make it easier for you to gather feedback on your activity.

This tool shows the impact your ambassadors have had on the people they are speaking to and the benefits your involvement brings to your business and your staff.

Take a look at our videos which show how other social care providers have benefited from becoming an I Care…Ambassador service. 

Our animation provides a summary of what you need to know before you sign up.

Getting started

Our Setting up and running an I Care...Ambassador service is a great resource for new services and provides all the information you need to decide whether I Care…Ambassadors is right for you.

Before registering we recommend that you work with your staff to decide how your service will be run and create a service agreement.

Shaping a successful service includes questions, tips and useful resources to help you get started, write your service agreement and find additional support.

We have also created guidance to help you check that you service meets the care quality expectations. 

Principles and Policy

All new services must read, agree and sign up to the Principles and Policy before registering.

This is a key document for you and your staff. It explains what is expected and helps to maintain consistency across all I Care…Ambassador services.   

The Principles and Policy have been developed, tested and agreed by social care providers.

To be an ambassador your staff must be working in one of the following job roles:

  • care worker
  • senior care worker
  • community support and outreach worker
  • manager or supervisor providing direct care
  • social worker
  • occupational therapist
  • registered nurse
  • support worker
  • personal assistant 
  • support worker
  • activities worker. 

Finding the right person

I Care…Ambassadors is a great learning and development opportunity for staff but is not right for everyone and you need to make sure you choose the right person to represent your service.

They should be:

  • willing to talk positively about social care and answer questions about their experiences
  • comfortable delivering your chosen activities, which may include presentations or group activities
  • able to combine this role with their day to day job.    

Hear from some of our  I Care…Ambassadors

Our meet the I Care…Ambassadors  videos show why people have signed up to become ambassadors, how they have benefitted and how they combine the role with their day to day job.

There is also a leaflet you can give to your staff to tell them more about the ambassador role. 

To register you need to create an I Care…Ambassadors account .

You can register in two ways.

  1. As an organisation you can sign up to become an I Care…Ambassador service. This means you will run your own service.
  2. You can join other organisations to become an I Care…Ambassador partnership. You can join an existing partnership by contacting their lead contact here, or you can form a new partnership with a group of employers.

If you’re ready to register, please read this step by step guide to help you through the process. If you need any guidance on setting up a service, please email icare@skillsforcare.org.uk


Once you have registered and added your first ambassador, your service will be added to the I Care...Ambassador Search Register.

The Search Register lists the contact details for I Care…Ambassador services.

Schools, colleges and jobcentres will use the Search Register to find a service which can provide an ambassador to meet their needs.

If you have staff who would like to be part of your service but they aren’t a care worker, they can sign up to become an I Care…Associate.

This role includes:

  • ancillary staff who don’t deliver care
  • individuals who directly employ their own care staff 
  • learning, development and training staff
  • directors, senior or strategic managers
  • line managers not providing direct care and support
  • workforce develop or HR staff
  • unpaid carers
  • volunteers.

If you employ your own care and support staff (individual employer) you can become an I Care…Ambassador service.

There is a guide for individual employers, which explains more about what you need know and how to register. 

You will be able to register your personal assistant(s) as ambassadors and support them with their activity by registering as an I Care…Associate.  



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