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We provide a range of information to help you to create an effective workforce of social workers for both adult and child and family services.

The Assessed and Supported Year in Employment (ASYE)

The ASYE is a twelve month programme for assessing newly qualified social workers (NQSWs).

It supports the NQSW during their first year in employment, helping them to develop their skills, knowledge and professional confidence.

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The ASYE programme was updated in April 2015 following the implementation of the Knowledge and Skills Statement in Adult Services.

The government response to the knowledge and skills for social workers in child and family services was released in November 2014.

Case study examples of how adult and child and family services are successfully implementing the ASYE are avaiable on our Learn from Others good practice website.

Recruitment and retention of social workers

We can help you find and commission social workers to meet the requirements of the Care Act.

Our effective deployment of social workers and workforce capacity planning resources can help you to meet local and national demand for social workers.

We can also help if you employ social workers in private, voluntary and independent sectors.

Develop your social workers

The standards for employers of social workers in England outlines your responsibility to provide your social workers with a flexible approach to continuing professional development (CPD).

Our core principles and case studies will show you how you can provide CPD and measure the impact on your social workers.

We also provide action learning facilitation, a group based activity which helps social workers to tackle their day to day professional challenges.

Creating social work leaders and managers

Our Social work leadership toolkit and 360 development tool can help you to develop your staff as front line managers, advanced social work practitioners and social workers strategic level.

The 360 development tool  is linked to the Professional Capabilities Framework (PCF) and uses surveys to help your staff understand their strengths and where they need to improve to become a social work manger. 

Find out what’s happening in your area

For local and national information and updates about social work you can get involved in our social work area forums.

You can also sign up to receive our monthly social work briefing, which provides news and information about local meetings. 


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