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Getting into the Christmas spirit at work

Posted: 10 December 2018

Winter can be a difficult time for many, including the people you support and staff working over Christmas. We want to spread some Christmas spirit and share the heart-warming things that staff said they enjoy about working over the festive season.

Brightening someone’s day

Care workers told us that brightening someone’s day was one of the main reasons why they enjoy working at Christmas. Julie Selves is a manager at Palm Tree Care Home and she enjoys:

“Spending time with people who won't be with their family – we take the iPad with us on home visits and Facetime their family so they get to see them on Christmas Day. The look on people’s faces when they see their family makes my Christmas.”

Donna Maria Browne told us:

“I enjoy delivering Christmas cheer to those whose day could be lonely.”

Ensuring people enjoy their day

For some workers, they found it rewarding to ensure that people enjoyed their day. Michelle Dale is a registered manager at Linfield Care and told us she enjoys supporting people to enjoy the day the best way they can.

“I enjoy helping others to experience a wonderful Christmas regardless of their circumstances. It's a privilege to be a part of other people's festivities.”

Another care worker from Priscilla Wakefield Nursing Home said:

“I enjoy working at Christmas to see the smiles of the residents when they open up their Christmas gifts”

Spreading Christmas cheer

For others, it’s about spreading the Christmas cheer with the people they support, their families and colleagues.  

Nicolas Kee Mew is a home manager at Avante Care and he said:

“[I enjoy] Wishing every resident and colleague a happy Christmas and making it as special as possible for them. It’s essential for families and care givers to know their loved ones are celebrating Christmas at Riverdale Court, especially for those who are unable to visit during the festive period."

…And some just enjoy a Christmas tipple:

“Well Christmas spirit keeps us going (joke)”

Staying motivated over the Christmas period

To keep staff motivated, Bluebird Care is doing a #SpreadASmile campaign to bring sunshine into people’s lives this winter. Charlotte McKenzie from the organisation told us:

“Bluebird Care launched their #SpreadASmile campaign to help spread some joy across social media in what can sometimes be a difficult month. The festive season brings joy to many across the UK, but there are people out there that spend Christmas alone. We encouraged our care teams to make someone smile during their day, no matter how big or small, and share this on social media. 

"It's been great to see that our care teams go above and beyond for their customers and in particular during this time of year, to make sure no one spends the festive season alone. The motivation for this work comes from making someone else’s Christmas, but also the close-knit team environments that operate within our network. We have some of the kindest, hardworking and selfless individuals working at Bluebird Care across the UK who continue to go the extra mile for their customers and not just at Christmas.”

What can you do?

Think about how you can keep your staff motivated this Christmas. We have lots of ideas coming up over the next 11 days - check our online advent calendar each morning for free tips, resources and advice, and follow it on Twitter using #CareAtChristmas.