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In Spring 2024 Skills for Care, alongside NHS England, will publish resources to support induction and leadership across health and social care.

These resources are being developed following the Messenger review, published in June 2022, which looked at the challenges that exist in leadership in health, in social care and between the two, and how they could be addressed.

The review highlighted the need to support and develop leadership practice to improve how organisations look after their workforce and deliver better care for those who use health and social care services.

Seven recommendations were set out and Skills for Care is helping to take some of these forward with our partners. Implementation of the recommendations will involve updates and changes to some of the existing resources and guidance that we have in place in social care to reflect what was identified with the leadership review and other recent reviews.

Read the latest blog from Deborah Sturdy, Chief Nurse for Adult Social Care: The Messenger Review: a roadmap for great leadership


Induction resources

A new national entry-level induction for individuals joining health and social care

This online resource will be free for new and existing staff to access and will introduce individuals to health and social care – as well as the connections between the two sectors, and the cultures and values we share.

By focusing on promoting a sense of belonging to the sector and improving your new starters understanding of health and social care, the induction will help providers to retain those staff.

Whilst the induction will not be mandatory, it’s highly recommended that its adopted as best practice and a mechanism to support staff retention and integrated health and social care. It doesn’t replace or duplicate the Care Certificate, Manager Induction Standards or formal qualifications.


Resources for managers to support induction

To complement the new online induction tool, new resources will be published looking at what makes a good induction, what peer support is helpful and the best ways to approach induction across your organisation.

These resources will draw heavily on what providers across health and social care tell us works for them.


Leadership resources

In addition to publishing resources in support of entry-level induction, Skills for Care and NHS England will also develop and test:

  • a voluntary code of conduct for managers across health and social care, tailored to different levels of management
  • approaches and resources which embed equality, diversity and inclusion across health and social care. 


Leadership for a collaborative and inclusive future

Both the induction tools and code of conduct will place a clear focus on:

  • collaboration - how individuals and services work better together, to solve problems, support each other and ensure that the services we have link together and prevent gaps​
  • inclusion ​- ensuring we are hearing, understanding, supporting and celebrating diversity and inclusion for those we care for​ and those working within health and social care
  • compassion​ - we need to put people first, those we care for and the workforce we support and represent.


What can you do now

If you’re interested in what you could be doing now, Skills for Care has the following resources:


We will update this webpage as more resources and information become available. You can receive the latest updates from Skills for Care by registering for our fortnightly enews.