Skills for Care

Watch the webinars covering different areas of applying technology to your role:


Discover the Adult Social Care Workforce Data Set (ASC-WDS)

Find out how ASC-WDS data is used, and the benefits it can have for your organisation. Learn how to gain access to the Workforce Development Fund (WDF) for staff training, how to use the data to monitor your workforce and influence decision making and succession planning and see how the service provides safe management of staff and training records.

Duration 29 mins 9 secs


Using technology to support your staff and each other

Exploring how technology can be used to help with common problems such as sorting rotas, communications, information sharing, peer networking and emotional support. We set out examples and links to practical examples of where these types of tech solutions are already being used, as well as highlighting where free or low cost tech is currently available.

Co-delivered with Digital Social Care

Duration 31 mins 4 secs



Using technology to support the people you care for

For many vulnerable people we care for, the pandemic will mean a dramatic reduction in activities and family contact. Staff may also have less free time to spend with the people you support as things change. We need to minimise the impact for those you care for and their families. In this webinar, we will explore how technology can offer some help to connect people and to bring ‘outside experiences’ in.

Co-delivered with Digital Social Care

Duration 31 mins 6 secs