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Recruiting the right people

Throughout September we’re shining our spotlight on how you can #RecruitRight, to find and keep the best people to provide high-quality care to the people you support, now and in the future.

Our latest data shows that vacancy rates have decreased over the past year. This is promising, but we know that recruitment and retention remain some of the biggest challenges for social care employers and managers.

Using evidence-based approaches to find and keep the right people to join your team is key to providing the highest quality of care to the people you support.

To help to grow and sustain our workforce of the future, it’s really important that employers, managers and other recruiters actively seek out people from a diverse range of groups – in particular, we need to focus on recruiting more younger people and more men into social care.

We need to attract younger people into long-term careers in care to ensure we have the right people in the right roles to meet the future care needs of our communities. It’s important to attract more men into social care roles at all levels to ensure our care workforce represents the people it supports, and to make sure the social care sector is supported and recognised as a rewarding career option for all.

Throughout our campaign we’ll be providing information and resources to support you with recruitment and retention, including how to use values-based recruitment approaches and how to attract people from different demographics.


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We’ll be sharing blogs and articles including real-life case studies, as well as signposting to further resources, and other support.



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People aged 16 and 17 can make a valuable contribution to your service, and if you’re willing to invest the time in developing their skills they often become loyal and long-lasting staff members. This guidance covers best practice and legal expectations when recruiting a young person.


PDF - 2.0MB
This guide covers best practice and legal requirements when checking criminal records, as well as addressing challenges such as a gap in employment or a lack of references. It helps you to implement safe and fair recruitment policies and procedures.


Values-based recruitment toolkit

Employers have told us that employees recruited for values stay longer. This new toolkit contains guidance, templates, resources and case studies to support both organisations and individual employers in implementing values-based recruitment.

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Values-based recruitment support programmes

These comprehensive support programmes include a range of elements such as practical seminars, peer support, and one-to-one support to equip you with everything you need to boost your recruitment.

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Widen your talent pool

People from all backgrounds can have the right values to work in social care and bring a wealth of perspectives, ideas and 'lived experience' to your workforce. By actively seeking our people from a diverse range of groups you can widen your talent pool. We have ideas and guidance to help.

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Curious about care

This free, evidence-based tool supports values-based recruitment and is designed to help you find the best candidates. It offers a range of different scenarios to evaluate how a candidate approaches person-centred care and can be used as part of your recruitment process to help you make a decision.

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Top tips for retaining staff

Once you have recruited a strong workforce it’s important to retain them. This guidance has been produced to share ideas and practical examples to help you keep your staff by ensuring they feel happy and valued in the workplace.

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Resources for individual employer, personal assistants and those who support them

We’ve created a range of resources to support individual employers through the recruitment process to make sure you’re hiring the right personal assistant (PA) based on your needs. You can also see what approaches others have taken to find the right PA for them.

We also have resources to support PAs find a role which is right for them and guidance for organisations wanting to connect individual employers to PAs.

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