Skills for Care

The ever-changing nature of adult social care means that commissioning and delivering personalised, preventative and good quality care and support services in any local area is an evolving landscape, requiring effective change and transformation.


Principles of workforce redesign

PDF - 568kb

Developed for organisations undergoing organisational restructure or transformation. These principles are built around the belief that the quality of care and support is directly linked to the skills, knowledge, values and attitudes of the people delivering it. 


Apply the principles

PDF - 2.1mb

Apply the principles to your organisation. It includes a range of tools to help you work through change constructively and transform services in a way that will meet the needs and expectations of people who use them. This guide is currently being revised and we will publish an updated version shortly.


Outcomes measurement framework

Measure the impact of workforce investment on the person-centred outcomes that services achieve. It provides a simple way of linking the impact and benefits of workforce interventions to measurable, person centred outcomes for people supported, organisations and the local community.

It can be utilised to measure change in the short, medium and long term and for both simple and complex challenges.

PDF - 304kb

Use the ‘Workforce transformation outcomes measurement framework’ to define the outcomes, actions and measurement of any workforce change programme.