Skills for Care

Recruitment support

Our tools and resources can help you recruit and retain people who have the right values for your organisation and the adult social care sector

As the demand for care and support grows, so does the need to recruit and retain more workers to deliver high quality care and support.

Duration 1 min 46 secs


Recruitment planning

Understanding your business needs and planning your recruitment activity will help you to recruit and retain people with the right values.

Attracting people

Attract more people who have the values and behaviours that will complement your workplace and contribute to the delivery of high-quality care and support.

Application and selection process

Get the most out of your application process and ask potential candidates the right questions to help you with the candidate selection process.

International recruitment

Find out more about recruiting from overseas safely, fairly and in line with official legislation.

Retaining your workforce

Invest in workforce retention to help with the continuity of high-quality care, positive workplace culture, staff wellbeing, time and cost savings, and positive CQC ratings.

Support for individual employers and PAs

If you employ a personal assistant (PA) using direct payments from your local authority, a personal health budget, or with your own money, we have a range of resources to help make your role as an individual employer easier.

Workshops and seminars

Our workshops cover a values-based approach to recruitment and retention. The workshops follow a five-stage model that provides knowledge and tips to address values at each step of your recruitment and retention process.