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Race Equality Week

Race Equality Week is an annual UK-wide movement uniting thousands of organisations and individuals, to address the barriers to race equality in the workplace. The theme for 2023 is #ItsEveryonesBusiness because tackling race inequality is everyone’s business.

During the week we wanted to shine a spotlight on our commitment to supporting culture and diversity in the adult social care sector through:

  • developing and promoting tools and resources to help employers and the workforce to implement inclusive and positive organisational cultures
  • promoting diverse and compassionate leadership across all services to ensure the workforce feels equal, valued and included, with a culture that encourages wellbeing and progression
  • supporting the sector to monitor and report on progress in implementing employee diversity objectives, using standardised data and measures, and identifying opportunities to continually improve.


Skills for Care’s pledge to supporting equality, diversity, and inclusion in social care

As Race Equality Week 2023 begins Oonagh Smyth, CEO, and John Coughlan, Chair of Skills for Care, discuss the organisation’s work to support equality, diversity and inclusion in social care and their vision for the future.

Read Skills for Care's pledge


Supporting equality, diversity and inclusion in the workplace

Skills for Care is committed to developing and improving to be a more inclusive organisation; through the way we work, and through what we do to support the adult social care sector. As we launch our new resource ‘Supporting a diverse workforce: Understanding racism’, we’ve spoken to some of our colleagues who share their thoughts on actions that can be taken to support the equality and diversity agenda and ensure #ItsEveryonesBusiness.

Read the article: Supporting equality, diversity and inclusion in the workplace


The value and impact of the Social Care Workforce Race Equality Standards

James Bullion, Executive Director of Adult Social Services in Norfolk and Trustee on the Skills for Care Board, shares his experiences of the value of using standardised data and measures with the Social Care Workforce Race Equality Standard in Norfolk.

Read the article: The value and impact of the Social Care Workforce Race Equality Standards



#ItsEveryonesBusiness to improve race equality in the workplace. You can support race equality in the adult social care workforce through compassionate and inclusive leadership, the practice of anti-racism and by being an ally.


Compassionate leadership

Compassionate leaders improve race equality in the workplace by:

  • recognising every team member is a significant individual and essential player within the organisation
  • focusing on what’s best for the individual, team, and organisation
  • striving to improve the happiness and wellbeing of their teams by supporting people and ensuring they feel valued, are motivated and have what they need to excel in their jobs
  • having honest and open conversation about behaviours whilst considering all factors which may influence or impact situations at hand.


Inclusive leadership

Inclusive leadership values, encourages and actively considers the diverse perspectives in a team, helping create a workplace culture where everyone can thrive.  


#ItsEveryonesBusiness to practice anti-racism

Anti-racism focuses on the role institutions and systems play in race inequality and how to challenge racism with every decision we make.

It's not enough to believe that being ‘not racist’ will eliminate racism and race inequalities. Instead, we must work within ourselves, our networks, and our organisations to challenge racism.


Be an ally, not a bystander

Allyship in the workplace supports and promotes an inclusive and equitable culture by challenging everyday racism safely.

Speak up and support your colleagues if you see or hear racist language or behaviour. Ignoring it can contribute to the problem. #ActionDrivesChange.


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